Marco Tirelli

Established in 1987 as a boutique real estate firm to provide personalized service to buyers and sellers of luxury properties, we are recognized as a top luxury real estate firm in Italy and a cutting edge real estate consultant. 

Luxury homes, unique properties, villas, castles and exclusive wine and hunting estates: we are trusted advisors for the most demanding buyers, sellers, owners and tenants. We also manage a portfolio of over 100 luxury vacation rentals in Italy by the sea, on the hills, in the historical cities or on the lakes. 

As Italians we provide that special artistic touch to the marketing of luxury properties; as global citizens we are early adopters of the most advanced technologies in real estate; as industry veterans we have a keen understanding of real estate transactions and a strong level of comfort in conducting negotiations. All in the sole interest of our clients.

We are a benefit corporation, a legal status that we have adopted in order to integrate in our corporate purpose the aim of having a positive impact on society and on the environment, in addition to standard economic profit goals.

Being chosen and appreciated by your customers means having mutual respect and taking care of their needs.

It is therefore no coincidence that, first in Europe among the real estate companies, in 1999 we got the ISO 9002 quality certification and in 2020 the B Corp® certification, which is granted to companies that act according to the highest standards of either social or environmental responsibility:

  • social responsibility, because our purpose is to testify that a successful company is able to focus on people and building with all of them human relationships that yield a meaningful workplace and lifetime;
  • environmental responsibility, because we know that all our activities have a negative impact on the environment and therefore we are committed to limiting this impact by avoiding any useless waste. Since 2019, we have being offsetting our corporate emissions contributing to a reforestation project.

Since 2003 we have been publishing our six-monthly Luxury Residences Report, a report that analyses the top segment of the real estate market in Milan.

The report is clustered in the 6 prestigious areas of Milan and provides all the data about prices, discounts, sales times, absorption indices and much more regarding to the highest segment of the real estate market – homes that have a price higher than one million euros. 


To foster human relations that valorise people to contribute to common good.


We dream of a fair, clean and humane world.

We believe in people and solidarity-based collaboration.

Every day we aim to create and inspire our community to adopt a socially responsible and sustainable business model.

Because we are aware of the purpose of our work, we know we will make mistakes, fail forward and stand up again without losing the meaning of our actions.



We believe in quality and in the value of knowledge that is always new. That’s why for more than 30 years we have been assisting demanding clients dealing with extraordinary properties. 


Our actions are focused on building and maintaining human relationships: with our colleagues, with clients, with suppliers, with our community.


All our daily actions are guided by honesty, transparency and integrity to our stakeholders: clients, suppliers, colleagues and our community. 


We use business to bring positive social impact and sustainability to the world and inspire others to do the same. Because success isn’t just about what we accomplish in our life. It’s about what we inspire others to do.


In a fast changing world we believe in the power of innovation to guide the evolution of real estate services. To add value to our clients, we are early adopters of the most advanced technologies.


We belong to a network of the world’s most respected real estate firms, sharing common skills and values.

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