Luxury Vacation Villa, Capri, Italy


Offered at Vacation Rental—price upon request

Hidden in the narrow streets of Anacapri on the Island of Capri, behind majestic green iron gates and 10-foot limestone walls, lies a secluded property that dates back more than 150 years. It is one of the few remaining historic villas of Capri. Once past the gates it becomes clear that the villa possesses one of the most beautiful gardens on the island, featuring a striking stairway with a Capri style pergola covered with climbing bougainvillea leading to the entrance of the villa, which commands a spectacular view of the Island and Mediterranean Sea below. Despite its size (about 1,500 square meters) the garden is a vibrant and abundant mix of different species of trees, plants, flowers, sculptures, fountains, and picturesque spots. The property was modernized around 2002 by the then owner: the inspiration was to evoke a fresh and contemporary lifestyle setting while keeping the feeling of exclusivity and nobility that the old villa still maintained. Ideally, he wanted to create an enchanting place in which to live while being surrounded by the charm of a historic home, without feeling the weight but rather feeling inspired by the history.

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