Palatial Offices in Reggio Emilia, Italy


Offered at € 4,440,000

On the main floor of a palace created for Count Corbelli by Pietro Marchelli in 1844, over 800 meters of gorgeous luxury office space adorn a fabulous nineteenth-century building located in the center of Reggio Emilia, Italy. The space has three private entrances and can be sold also through a proposal to split into three parts.

The palace has a refined neoclassical style with a remarkable façade marked by pilasters and capitals and six caryatids in the central area. The giant pilasters follow a double line of windows placed on the main and upper floor which, together with an elegant balcony, characterize this building with a monumental and symmetrical feature on Via Emilia. This aesthetic was strongly desired by the family Corbelli to enhance its prestige in their town.

The main floor—now offered for sale—has been recently restored and presents a series of frescoed rooms with naturalistic motifs, portraits, sphinxes, and architectural backgrounds. One can appreciate a series of dancing figures with the same style on Palazzo Tivelli Panciroli. The interior doors are embellished with bacchant figures in a red oval background, and in squares with rounded corners, interspersed with painted heads in hexagons.

It is necessary to underline the artistic and architectural importance of three rooms: the first done in monochromatic decoration with angular caryatids by the artist Pasquale Zambini, the ceiling with a central oval canvas dedicated to Diana and Endimione; the second dedicated to Apollo with Muse, also attributed to Pasquale Zambini; the third dedicated to Rinaldo and Armida and suggesting the hand of a student of Minghetti.

In the 1960s Palazzo Corbelli was acquired by a prominent family of Reggio Emilia. The ground floor has historically—and is now—dedicated to artisanal shops.

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