Aristocratic Pedigree in Tuscany, Pisa, Italy


Offered at €12,000,000

A magnificent villa built during the latter half of the 1500s—passed from generation to generation of noble families—has preserved its aristocratic flavor over the centuries. Structural renovations in the 1700s resulted in the current design of a central block embellished by a loggia with five Tuscan arches, flanked by two lateral wings that form a vast courtyard enclosed by an imposing wrought-iron gate, all surrounded by a centenary parkland of 10 hectares. Characterized by trompe-l’oeil architectural decorations and both internal and external frescos created by historically important artists, the 2,200-square-meter villa boasts wood-panelled ceilings decorated with pure gold, ample windows, six apartments, two conference rooms, a reception hall, and a gymnasium. The first and second floors hold eight spacious suites adorned with decorated walls and beamed ceilings. The park, crossed by a spring-fed creek with waterfall, features a neo-gothic tower that was built around a 13th-century watch tower, and a small church in the Palatine style named after St. Charles. There is parking for 200 vehicles.

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