Caribbean Colonial, Gustavia, St. Barts


Offered at E19,000,000

At first view, the town house is a traditional Colonial with native balconies and wooden louvers. But beginning at a spectacular entrance with Sisac mosaic floor and imposing Spiridon chandelier, it takes on a whole new persona—a modernistic boldness that counterpoints the Caribbean panorama to perfection. Italian design reigns: in an armchair formed as a rose petal by Giovanetti, in white leather Serico stools, a Cyrus table, fabrics by Missoni, and bathrooms that are mosaic works of art. As mesmerizing as the 7,700 square feet of entertainment spaces and six suites are, however, it is on the rooftop terraces—the first in Gustavia—that drama reaches a zenith. Above two pools and the endless sea, you realize that, even in the heart of St. Barts, you inhabit a Colonial Eden.

Estate Gallery