Historic Château, Near Paris, France


Offered at E5,500,000

Beloved for centuries for the beautiful harmony of its proportions—which contributed to its distinguished classification on the French Historical Monuments List—the château is a masterpiece of design.?Amid 600 verdant acres near Paris, it radiates from a magnificent central pavilion which provides the heart of the splendorous salons that the designer ornamented extravagantly as a lavish stage on which to entertain French nobility of the time. Flanking this dazzling edifice are two handsome aisles that are crowned by charming symmetrical towers at either end. In all, approximately 12,000 square feet were incorporated into the building of the château. The ground floor embraces the voluminous reception rooms, which flow from one grand setting to another, each a resplendent jewel box unto itself. Generous upper floors are devoted to ten private bedrooms and an assortment of accompanying bathrooms. A courtyard features prominently in the design—as is characteristic of other noteworthy properties of the period and region. Surrounding the courtyard, some additional 17,000 square feet of traditional outbuildings house the extensive stables, dovecotes, and maze of workshops that attend the estate. For the crowning touch, a network of moats surrounds the château—rekindling times past and bestowing a loveliness seldom seen in the world today.

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