On a hillside of Vicenza overlooking the poetic “Valley of Silence,” a view that inspired the famous Italian writer Antonio Fogazzaro, Villa San Bastiano is an elegant family home that has sheltered many generations of children and travelers enjoying a land blessed by extraordinary wine, food, and architectural beauty: Veneto. The villa’s elegant interiors are backdropped by a peaceful and extraordinary panorama from an expansive terrace facing the valley, a view highlighted by the Venetian sunset’s golden aura amidst ancient cypresses, cedars, pines, and lusciously scented osmanthus bushes. The pleasant and wide garden features roses, geraniums, and lilies. A swimming pool with a view and a manicured alfresco complete the garden.

The hillside on which Villa San Bastiano stands has been witness to the life of Antonio Fogazzaro, a renowned author who lived and wrote here at the turn of the 19th century, producing some of his most beloved works, including Piccolo Mondo Moderno (1901). Today, the villa belongs to the writer’s descendants. Built on the ruins of the original Villa Fogazzaro, which was destroyed by the bombings of World War II, San Bastiano basks above the peaceful and verdant “Valley of Silence”—as Fogazzaro described it—a secluded oasis of calm in a hectic world.

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