Just north of Avignon, in the rich agricultural region west of the Rhone River—highly regarded for its luxuriant vineyards and quality wines—a quiet little square dating to the seventeenth century basks in sunlight next to the village church. Behind a discreetly concealed wooden door framed by thick stone walls, a vintage château perpetuates the life of French nobility. Accompanied by a stone pavilion and annex, the historic three-level haven features a magnificent stone staircase, spectacular main salon feasting on the Rhone Valley, and equally breathtaking poolside dining room attended by a country kitchen. Its master bedroom enjoys a private terrace overlooking the pool. Adorned with original beams, the pavilion bestows an enormous bedroom suite. Bringing the bedroom total to eight, the stone annex welcomes as it has for centuries, with guests enjoying separate paths to their own private level.

Previous Price$6,000,000