Megan Lowe

Nevada | Reno

With an untainted and enthusiastic approach to the real estate business, Megan Lowe is setting a new standard for assisting home buyers and sellers throughout Northern Nevada.

Born and raised in the business, Megan has a rare blend of skills that are cultivated from years of hands-on experience and an ambitious desire to please. Today, Megan presents a proficient and positive approach that is refreshing, as well as rewarding, for her clients throughout the region. “I’m a problem solver at heart; no matter what the challenge, I’ll do whatever it takes to find a solution.”

This spirited business sense comes naturally to Megan who is well known for her bright and amicable approach to life. She’s a leader, an avid volunteer and has a great appreciation for the great outdoors. When time allows, Megan loves to spend time with family and friends all over the High Sierra. Caring, competent, committed to your needs, you can find Megan through Chase International’s Reno office.

Megan Lowe's Estates