BIJAN PAKZAD and his life-long friend, Dar Mahboubi, built a fashion empire together, based upon the simple principles of quality and exclusivity. Finishing touches and displays are very important aspects of the House of Bijan where the team designs and manufactures each piece by hand with the finest materials into an exclusive “limited edition” item, therefore, the manner in which their couture pieces are shown must be as special as the pieces themselves. Each display is created around a central color theme, from the clothing to the daily fresh flower selection.

Tie sets are made from the finest silks in the world from the Lake Como region in the North of Italy packaged in a matching box with paired handkerchief made from the same silk. At the House of Bijan each tie is numbered one of one or one of two, whereas other designers produce hundreds of the same tie. These main ideologies are applied in unique ways to everything crafted, from alligator loafers to kangaroo leather blouson jackets.

“When my father opened his signature boutique forty years ago, Rodeo Drive was not the shopping destination it is today,” explains Nicolas Pakzad. “He along with other famous fashion designers and iconic characters made Rodeo Drive world renowned.” The Mayor of Beverly Hills declared May 8th “Bijan Day in the City of Beverly Hills” and honored Bijan Pakzad with the key to the city. Furthermore, after Bijan’s passing in 2011, the city dedicated the parking space in front of the boutique (where the Bijan Edition Rolls Royce or Bijan Edition Bugatti are frequently parked) with commemorative plaques in the sidewalk and a Bijan Yellow parking meter.

In the 1990’s Bijan partnered with Michael Jordan to create one of the first celebrity fragrances, “Michael Jordan Cologne” which continues to be a huge success globally. Over the last 40 years various collaborations have been created with other companies. These collaborations are what make The House of Bijan more than just a luxury brand. In 2011, Rolls Royce approached The House of Bijan with the concept of a limited edition series of automobiles designed by Bijan and manufactured by Rolls Royce, heralding the first major marriage between automobiles and fashion. The series is limited to 30 total cars worldwide, all designed to be “one of one”. In true couture fashion, each motorcar is uniquely designed for the particular client. Some features include a pavé diamond clock with 611 white diamonds, soft crocodile interior accents, the clients initials inlaid in the wooden dashboard, and a “ghosted” paisley designed bonnet.

“There are many lessons my father taught me during our time together, but without a doubt one thing that comes to mind was his tremendous work ethic. He always wanted me to work with him; however, he never insisted. Then again he didn’t need to… I started working in the boutique when I was 15 years old, as a summer job, and as I matured, my passion for the family business grew.

Over the last 40 years my father built something iconic, and I look forward to growing that family legacy into something even more special over the next 40+ years. The philosophies upon which our company was built will never change. Everything Bijan creates will always be the finest quality in the world, our collections will remain the most exclusive in the world, and we will continue to go above and beyond for our global clientele.” Bijan is currently working on opening its first boutique outside of North America. This exciting venture is well underway, and is scheduled to open next year.

— Nicolas Pakzad 

(Adapted from an interview with Bart Mulvihill)