Millford Plantation

Some of America’s finest homes were built in classical Greek or Roman style in the early 19th Century. Our early Presidents were in the forefront of popularizing the classical style in their own homes: witness George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, James Madison’s Montpelier, James Monroe’s Oak Hill, and Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. To that list, one can add the White House, itself. All feature massive colonnades in the classical manner across their front facades. Greek Revival mania soon swept the nation, lasting until the mid-19th century and recurring periodically in the 20th century.


As pioneer publishers pursuing unexplored territory, Pamela and Robert H. Kelsey first introduced to the world a showcase of preeminent estate properties in 1969. Throughout the ensuing years, their vision has been globally acknowledged as a masterpiece publication, in what they uncompromisingly branded Leading Estates of the World. Happily, they remain active and involved as enthusiasts, promoters, and counsel. Enjoy a trip down memory lane with Volume 201, as the inside front and back pages proudly display the covers of the past 100 issues.

The House of Bijan

BIJAN PAKZAD and his life-long friend, Dar Mahboubi, built a fashion empire together, based upon the simple principles of quality and exclusivity. Finishing touches and displays are very important aspects of the House of Bijan where the team designs and manufactures each piece by hand with the finest materials into an exclusive “limited edition” item, therefore, the manner in which their couture pieces are shown must be as special as the pieces themselves. Each display is created around a central color theme, from the clothing to the daily fresh flower selection.